Case Study

Safford E-commerce Fully Compliant & Secure

Safford Ecommerce has a customer service pledge - "The game is never won because it never ends. To keep our customers coming back, we continually have to earn it day in and day out."

Certification: InfoSec+
Employees: 35 plus
Industry: Ecommerce | Landscaping
Location: USA

The Problem to solve:

Over the past 36 months, Safford has doubled the revenue of their e-commerce store year over year. They take orders from customers all over the country and process millions of dollars in transactions each year.

The owner, Keith Bridges began to worry about the safety of his customer's personal data. He and his digital lead, Stacy Vereen, reached out to Security Rangers for an inspection and discussion about internal security practices. Keith's main goal was to "help me sleep at night, knowing my customers are safer shopping with me than with any of my competitors."

Once my day was done, and all of our problems were solved, I would start worrying about my unknown risks. What if someone "hacked" us and took all of my customer's email adressess or (worse) shipping addressess? I pride myself on taking care of my customers. I realized I needed to take the next step to protect their information as well.

How Security Rangers solved it:

Our team worked directly with Safford's Creative Director to overhaul their WordPress environment. They had been working with contractor after contractor for years.

We helped transition their codebase to Github, ran code reviews, dependency checkers, audited their WordPress plugins and helped them get up to date. Additionally, we helped them pick a new cloud provider and migrate their servers secuerly.

Finally, we setup our monitoring services for uptime, performance, and vulnerabilities. They have increased their uptime from 92% to 99.9% and have increased performance (at high user concurrency) by more than 3X their original speeds. Now, we are working on defining additional policies and controls to ensure they stay secure over time without compromising speed.

The result:

With a faster, more optimized, and secured environment, Safford has continued to increase their sales, reduced their bounce rate, and slept much easier at night.

“Making our customers happy and coming back requires more than just words, it requires action. Service doesn’t end with the sale. It begins with it."

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“I can say after a year, we have had 99.99% uptime with no major threats to our online operations or security"

Employee Headshot

Stacy Vereen

Creative Director, Safford Equipment