Case Study

TurboPass Wins The Deal - Nearing SOC 2

TurboPass is a SaaS-based solution that delivers the truth about a borrower’s ability to repay in ways that are easier, faster and more secure for consumers, dealers, and lenders.

Certification: SOC 2
Employees: 10 plus
Industry: Auto | Finance | Data Services
Location: USA

About TurboPass

The TurboPass Report provides a modern, convenient and paperless solution that eliminates fraud at your dealership and maintains your lender relationships.

TurboPass eliminates your CIT and funding delays. On average, dealers can reduce average contracts in transit (CIT) days from 3-10 days to a few hours.

The TurboPass company provides instant proof of customer income, residency, and identity. Turbopass works closely with auto dealerships to help them close more car purchase deals faster and at less risk.

The Problem to solve:

TurboPass initially contacted Security Rangers for a security assessment. They were starting to land deals with larger, national auto loan originators. However, the procurement and legal process was moving at an ice-age pace. They were constantly getting questions about their "policies", security practices, data liabilities, and many more technical questions. In reality, they were so busy focusing on their product and sales they didn't have any time to address their security and policy concerns. Enter Security Rangers.

It was a big win for us in a time of need. Security Rangers helped us sort through all the minutia and land a strong partnership with one of the most trusted brands in our space.

How Security Rangers solved it:

Security Rangers started with our "Security Brain-Trust Meeting." We met with the Executive and Technical Teams to truly understand their business, their goals, and their most pressing headaches. During these early discussions, we created a "crawl, walk, run" plan that would provide TurboPass with some early deliverables while setting them on a path to true SOC 2 compliance and peace of mind.

Next, our team got to work. We used our industry leading tools to generate system architecture documentation, audit the core codebase and dependencies, and run penetration tests. Once our assessment was complete, we provided a "hit list" of prioritized security issues and direction on improvements to make. We worked side by side with the TurboPass technical team to ensure their questions were answered and issues were solved.

After the assessment, we provided the platform and experience to generate official SOC 2 policies, track progress on vulnerability resolutions, and implement controls and best practices to ensure their security for years to come.

The Result:

TurboPass has now adopted their SOC 2 scope and policies and are continuing to monitor their site for vulnerabilities. In the coming weeks, they will be working with our Preferred Auditor Network to finalize their Type I audit and schedule their Type 2 timeline.

“We realized how important a SOC 2 certification was. It accomplishes so much for our customers, our internal team, and our network of reationships. Working toward SOC 2 puts us on the path to have the security gold standard for all security measures.”

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Having this resource and the Security Rangers guidance has simplified an otherwise cumbersome mountain of information and helped us focus on what is important now.

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