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Our security tools and integrations save you time while protecting you against vulnerabilities. When in doubt, our Security Rangers are here to help you do any heavy lifting.

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“I can say after a year, we have had 99.99% uptime with no major threats to our online operations or security

Creative Director, Safford Equipment
Stacy Vereen
Creative Director, Safford Equipment

Step-up your security game

Policy Management, Security Assessments, and App Monitoring

Your Own InfoSec Portal

Quickly demonstrate an InfoSec program and close sales now, while one of our Security Rangers helps you work towards a completed certification.

Policy Generation
Take advantage of our industry experience and professional partnerships to get best-in-class policies and let us help you tailor them to your specific company and team.
Implementation Guidance
A dedicated Security Ranger will be assigned to your team. For each policy and control we will walk you thouogh implementing standards, collecting proof, and staying compliant.
Integrations & Tools
Authenticate your cloud provider and start collecting evidence immediately. We support AWS, Digital Ocean, Github, and more.

Secure Your Environment

Penetration Testing
Detect vulnerabilities with our certifed penetration testers and automated scans. We believe that continuous vulnerability scanning is the only way to protect your data while not compromising deployment & go-to market speeds.
Application Monitoring
Keep track of your site performance, SSL expiration, uptime, and find early warning signs for risks like Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and account takeovers (ATO).
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It's our job to look out for you

Even when you're too busy to look out for yourself

If you forget to complete your compliance tasks on time, our Security Rangers take over. This revolutionary security accountability system will build trust at scale.

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